Caring tips for a Gypsy Horse

A Gypsy Horse is a breed that normally has abundant hair which makes it look very beautiful. Here are some tips we can use to take care of these adorable horses.

First of all, due to the fact that these horses have much hair on them, grooming is of great importance.

-Ensure you properly groom them. Mud and dirt normally have a tendency of drying of the hair and this makes the horse look dirty and ugly. Ensure that you begin each grooming session with a lot of scrubbing on the hair using a scrubber or a rubber curry to ensure eliminate all the mud and dust from the horse. This is very important for it will ensure the skin of your horse remains beautiful and there is proper circulation which will stimulate the production of natural oils. Your horse will appear shiny and healthy as well.

-Ensure you always comb the mane of your horse and tail. You should begin combing these parts from the ends and work your way up. This will ensure the hair stays intact. You should also use the technique of holding each section of hair on your hand, right above the area you are working on. This will enable you to accurately gauge the intensity of the strain or tension you are exerting on the hair. This will help keep your horse calm as you continue with your activities. If you get to a spot where the hair is snarled or tangled, use a detangler to smoothly be able to comb it.

-You should always try and rinse the sweat off your horse right after an exercise. If this is not done, it might build up and result in rubbing and go ahead and become a coat fading in the sun.

-To ensure your horse is protected against skin infections, always disinfect the grooming brushes and combs. Also, ensure you replace them after a while – read article on when is breeding season for horses.

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